The PLO:

Things we like


  1. Montovani's music - great stuff, easy listening.
  2. McDonald's burgers - good taste, fast service, ok price.
  3. Vinyl instead of leather for gloves, clothing, upholstery, etc. - cheaper, requires less care, more durable.
  4. Canadian wine - good high for the buck (in Ontario, anyway).
  5. Shopping at K-mart - hey, they got some good stuff there, ya know.
  6. Commodore 64s - good games and they're real computers, too.
  7. Shopping Mall landscape art - isn't it amazing how real those pictures look?
  8. Barry Manilow's songs - they capture the true meaning of life.
  9. Hockey Night in Canada, Monday Night ____ball, etc. - great entertainment.
  10. "If I have to go to a 'concert', I hope they play some marches - you know, something I can hum along with and tap my feet to."
  11. Prime time television - when I get home from work, I don't want tohave to think; I want to relax and feel good.
  12. Winnebagos - why go camping without some of the bare necessities of life?
  13. LaChoy Chinese dinners. - authentic and easy to fix.
  14. Pictures of dogs playing poker; they're *so* cute!
  15. Velvet Elvis paintings.
  16. Chicken Cordon Bleu; but other restaurants should follow Arby's lead and put it on a bun. With ketchup.
  17. Slim Whitman; he has an amazing vocal gift.
  18. Beer in cans. None of this "fancy rubber stopper" imported stuff. And forget the glass.
  19. Red meat.
  20. 8-track tapes or auto-reverse sound blasters: continuous play for Manilow and Whitman, of course.
  21. Cold pizza. It's not just for breakfast anymore!
  22. Velcro closures. Zippers, snaps, laces, buttons are all passe' and much less reliable.
  23. Belching contests.
  24. Watermelon seed spitting contests.
  25. Ripplesole shoes - great comfort.
  26. Burt Kaemfert and Lawrence Welk - good toe-tappin' music.
  27. Micky's Malt Liquor - "It gets you there quicker."
  28. Tuna casserole and lime jello - quick, easy, tasty, and sticks to your ribs.
  29. Boxcar Willie - the sounds of the lonesome road.
  30. Fake logs for the fireplace - easy to light, no messy wood chips [to tell the truth, we really prefer remote-controlled gas fireplaces. Or maybe those electric jobs with the light shining on a revolving dented tin can to emulate a flickering fire -- mmmm nice and homey.]

Things we don't like

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