Introductory Economics 020

Please note:
  • Not all of my old exams are available on the website. However, many are available -- probably enough to give you a good idea of what the exams will be like this year.
  • the answers and figures for many of these exams are unavailable.
  • As you can see from my old exams, the exam questions frequently ask you to go beyond just memorizing textbook material.
  • In general this material has not been edited and may contain errors and rough spots. It is posted here to help guide you in your studying.


October Mid-Term Examinations January Mid-Year Examinations
(note: the first term end-of-term exams used to be held in January for no good reason that I ever heard)
November Mid-Term Examinations February Mid-Term Examinations
December End of Term Examinations March Mid-Term Examinations
April End of Term Examinations


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