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Sample from the Chapter on Interdependence and Game Theory

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I was first introduced to this marvelous text, written by Paul Heyne of the University of Washington, by Gerry Swanson back in 1985 when we began offering a summer course to high school teachers on the teaching of economics. After using it for one summer, I immediately began work on an adaptation of the text and wrote to Professor Heyne about my interest in the project. It took us a long time to work things out, as the former publishers were not particularly interested in the Canadian market. Finally, when Prentice-Hall took over publishing the book, things began to move along.

It does a truly fantastic job of emphasizing the concepts of opportunity costs, competition, and how markets work.

The original text was designed for a one-semester (15 weeks) course in the U.S. I found when I taught at the University of Hawaii in the autumn of 1986 that I couldn't cover the text in one semester. But the U.S. edition would be a bit brief for a full-year (26-week) course, and the U.S. version omits some of the technical material that people expect to find in an introductory textbook. The publishers and I agreed that more was needed for the standard courses in Canada. But those who teach shorter courses will be able just to omit the material I have added. It's all laid out in the book's preface and in the instructors' manuals.

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