Lí Arc des Perdants Anonymes

(The Arch of the Anonymous Losers):

A Celebration of the Existential Quest


John Palmer and Matthew Palmer


Like many triumphal arches, this sculpture is a celebration. In this work, we celebrate the process of continued search and quest despite not reaching a specific goal or prize.


Constructed entirely of losing cups from the 2004 Tim Hortonís ďRoll Up the Rim to WinĒ contest, our work is rooted in the ontological search for meaning. People who search for meaning in life are often frustrated, feeling lost when they are unable to arrive at some clear and definitive sense of purpose. The existential answer lies in the joy and value of the search activity itself.


We see the experience of playing the Tim Horton lottery as a reflection of this search. People buy cups of coffee hoping to win a big prize. They lose. They go back for more. And the process makes people smile. This simple, day-to-day process is a symbolic representation of the joie de vivre that is evinced in the human experiential quest for meaning.


Lí Arc des Perdants Anonymes is constructed with nearly 3000 used, losing cups from the Tim Hortonís 2004 contest. The artists used approximately 10 pounds of glue sticks to construct the sections of the structure. These sections are held together in places with 3M hook and loop material. The artists gratefully acknowledge the assistance of their families and persons at their respective workplaces for their assistance.