Photographic and Computer Art

of John Palmer






Exhibitions and Other Credits:





June 5 -  24, 2004


L’ Arc des Perdants Anonymes, 3-dimensional work. Bainton Gallery,

Blyth, Ontario (produced jointly with my son, Matthew Palmer)


May 2 - 23, 2004

Patterns and Perceptions, a juried exhibition, Gallery One,

Gallery in the Grove, Bright’s Grove, Ontario


September, 2003

Rural Patterns, a juried solo exhibition, Starbucks/Chapters, Masonville


May, 2003

Viaduct and Pallet Perspectives, Bainton Gallery, Blyth, Ontario


April, 2003

Kaleidoscope, awarded third prize, in a juried exhibition,

“Look 2003”, Gallery Lambton, Sarnia, Ontario.


November 30 – December 28, 2002

Along the Way, a one-person juried exhibition of photographs. Sifton Gallery, Masonville Library, London, Ontario.


August 6 – September 1, 2002

Huron County Expressions, a portion of a juried exhibition of

Huron County art, Bainton Gallery, Blyth Memorial Hall.


June 9 – 29, 2002

Bridging Intimacy - Infinity, in a juried exhibition, Gallery in the Grove, Bright’s Grove, Ontario


June 1 – 30, 2002

Chastity Belt and Bridging Intimacy - Infinity, Bainton Gallery, Blyth, Ontario



April, 2002

Ecclesiastes 3: 1-4, awarded Honourable Mention, in a juried exhibition, “Look 2002”, Gallery Lambton, Sarnia.



March 17 –

April 9, 2002

Dead Queen Anne, an exhibition of photographs of Queen Anne’s Lace in the autumn and winter, Forest City Gallery, London, Ontario.




December, 2002

The Kilmer Variations, in a juried exhibition entitled, “Multiples”,

Galleries @ Galleria, London, Ontario.


August 20, 2001



August, 2001




Summer, 2001



July, 2001



May 12-June 9, 2001


May 1 -

June 5, 2001



January 12 -

February 4, 2001


January 3 -

February 28, 2001




October, 2000 -

February, 2001


September, 2000




August, 2000



Summer, 2000


June, 2000



May, 2000




December, 1999




November, 1999




May, 1999

Invited Judge, Photography and Slide Exhibition, Western Fair Photography Show, London, Ontario.


De-ruralization, a juried collection of six photographs; one of ten artists whose work was accepted by the McIntosh Gallery for displays in Galleria Mall, during the Canada Summer Games in London, Ontario.


Blyth Theatre Gift Shop: The Two of Us, Sisters, Kilmer’s Revenge, and The Clinton Moors.


Visitors, a one-person invited exhibition of computer-enhanced portraits at Starbucks/Chapters, Masonville, London.


The Lonely Pump and Sometimes in Winter. Bainton Gallery, Blyth, Ontario.


Posthenge. A series of photographs in the London Arts Council photographic art exhibit at the Copp Gallery, Covent Garden Market, London, Ontario. One of four invited participants in the exhibition.


Road Poach and Poached Possum. In an exhibition titled Not Legal.

Forest City Gallery, London, Ontario.


Capital, a juried one-person exhibition of photographs and computer-enhanced photographs of wooden pallets and vegetable crates. 

Spencer Gallery, D.B. Weldon Library, The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario


Invited Resident Artist, with twenty-five items in the gallery exhibition at different times. Galleries @ Galleria, London, Ontario


Nine photographs and computer-enhanced photos in Piece by Piece, an exhibition of the works of more than forty local artists. Galleries @ Galleria, London, Ontario


Rural Themes, a juried one-person exhibition of photographs and computer-enhanced photographs. Starbucks/Chapters, Masonville, London, Ontario.


The Two of Us and Cat’s Cradle. Blyth Theatre Ticket Office.


Whither the Family Farm, a computer-enhanced photo collage in a juried exhibition of modern art involving text. IIPhase Gallery, London, Ontario


Posthenge and The Two of Us.  Bainton Gallery, Blyth, Ontario




The Second Concession, a juried one-person exhibition of photographs and computer-enhanced photographs. Starbucks/Chapters, Masonville, London, Ontario.


Two entries in a juried exhibition at Second Phase Gallery.

Kilmer’s Revenge and Canadian Sunrise, which was awarded

“Best Colour Photo” in the exhibit.


Canadian Sunrise and Sigmund’s Sunrise. Bainton Gallery, Blyth, Ontario








Contact Information:


John P. Palmer

P.O. Box 1149, Clinton, ON    N0M 1L0

phone:          (519) 482-3938